Chapbook: Beirut Summer

About the book

Beirut Summer is a cycle of poems that presents a powerful series of dramatic images of war torn Lebanon as seen through the eyes of a woman. 

The most recent round of hostilities to be labeled a “war” was The Summer War of 2006; and there have been short rounds of internecine fighting since then.  Oddly, most wars, and the worst fighting, have taken place in summer, hence the title Beirut Summer.

These poems touch on the psychological coping as well as the inevitable self questioning that comes when living in extreme conditions. 

While the poems are written in the first person, they are drawn from experiences of the author and her close circle of women friends.   One woman’s child could not sleep unless she heard the call to prayer.  Another friend entered the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps immediately after the total slaughter of the refugee residents.  That woman was part of a U.N. and Lebanese Red Cross & Red Crescent team.  She said the piles of bloody bodies and rivers of blood were unimaginable and would haunt her forever. Mary, Abla and Marwan, who are mentioned in the poems, lived in those camps.  The scenes in the hospital are the way it was—armed men rushing in and forests of  I.V. stands.  Women who stayed the course did so out of a sense of support for their people and nation but at personal cost while trying to give succor and maintain a semblance of normalcy. 

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